Rene van Gijs
Rene Van Gijs of Tokoroa bought an Einbock Pneumaticstar 600 in February 2011. To date it has seeded over 3000 hectares. “It is without doubt the most versatile seeding unit I have ever used. The seeding rate is infinitely adjustable and extremely accurate. It is versatile in that it will sow just about any seed, and from worked paddocks to direct-sow into existing paddocks, either top-up/under-sowing or sprayed out. In fact just over 1000 hectares has gone to direct seeding."

Phil Parry
Phil Parry said (about Piako and Tullochs) "It is a pleasure to work with good people. We all get along pretty well, and we get things sorted quickly if there are any issues."
PParry (2)-554-427-821

Grant Barber
Grant Barber's on his EC6210CV - “There are no belts just heavy duty gear boxes and set up is so quick compared to that of a combination unit - literally 5 minutes to hook up and drive off. To change the speed of the heavy duty conditioner is very quick and easy says Grant, which is useful as we often have different requirements because of the number of varieties we grow. Where the real bonus is, is the fact that for a unit that was effectively the same width as my front rear combination, I have had to increase the area meter on the chopper by 15% because of the smaller overlap needed to ensure complete coverage.” 
Grant Barbar
Andrew Baird, Hokitika
Andrew Baird is a balage contractor and Tulluch Farm Machinery has the opportunity to interview him on his new Elho1620 wrapper - “I'm very pleased with it, particularly on uneven ground, in humps and hollows, or on hills, where it has wrapped well despite the (rough) ground conditions.”
Trevor Elsworth, New Plymouth
Trevor Elsworth purchased a Krone VarioPack 1500MC round baler last year. He was particularly impressed with the Krone Multicut cutting system - “The Multicut system works well ... I don’t believe anybody has built a better baler.” 
Mike McCreary, Western Lake
Mike McCreary runs a one man balage system with a Krone CombiPack 1500-V -
"Everyone comments on how solid and square the bales are."
Mike McCreary-332-668
Gray Contracting, Carterton
In the current season, this team harvested over 6,500 acres of grass silage, 500 acres of maize silage along with some 35,000 round bales. Kevin Gray chose the Krone Variopack Baler as the best overall option - "The Variopack baler will always get the job done even in adverse conditions."
Gray Contracting
Trevor & Elly Lalich, Waitoa
"On a good day we doubled our output with the new KRONE VarioPack 1500MC baler. You just service it in the morning and go ... no hiccups, whereas with the previous (non-Krone) one, you’d spend over 2 hours every morning cleaning the rollers until the beginning of November when the conditions changed. With this one you just greased it and oiled it and that’s it! ... the way the net-wrap is designed on the baler, you can see what’s happening and see where it’s going; it’s absolutely brilliant and it feeds to the outside of the bale perfectly."
Andrew Tulloch, Masterton
“Initially I planned to purchase a 4.8m Krone AMT5000CV mower conditioner. I liked the 2 independent cutterbars as it gave the ultimate in floatation, which is so important in extending the working life of the mower conditioner. However I finally settled for the 4.0m Krone AMT4000CV, because I thought that putting 8m into one row would suit both the round baler and forage harvester better."
Andrew Tulloch
Fisken Contractors, Gore
John Tulloch managed to catch up with Mark Fisken and operator Bof (Chris Hill) in early March 2005 to ask about their experiences to date with their 7 furrow Rabe plough - “I can drive all day even in stony conditions without having to get out of the tractor because the Hydroavant allows the bodies to lift out and then automatically re set without slowing down at all.” 
Ian Miller from Milton, South Otago
"Buying the new Krone machinery has paid off, with much lower running costs than before."
"The biggest advantage I found by using the Krone tedder and rake was baling capacity. The crop flows a lot easier and I have experienced fewer blockages, especially at the headlands and in corners. This season I had only 5 blockages."
Ian Miller
Robert Folkerts, Waikato
“One of the main reasons for using Krone balers is due to their ability to bale under all crop conditions”, says Robert. “We are baling a high percentage of silage, and the bale forming system is trouble free, and does not require periodic clearing.”
Graeme Bagrie, Levin
Graeme Bagrie and his son Ryan are very pleased with the performance of their BIG-M self-propelled mower conditioner - "Our capacity is 20% up over the triple mower system." 
Colton Bros, Martinborough
Colton Bros. of Martinborough decided this year to trade their 3m Kuhn mower conditioner in exchange for the high capacity Krone AMT5000CV which has a 4.8m working width - "We liked the short drawbar and the machine’s ability to corner. That feature has exceeded expectations."
Colton Bros
Steve Ambler, Oamaru
Steve has just ordered a new Krone AMT4000CV end-tow mower conditioner from Redline Tractors in Timaru - "I like the principle of the Krone and I have had a good run with my 2.8m machine. The big square frame is strong and I have had no cutterbar problems. It has stood the test of time."
Steve Ambler
Marty and Simon Greene, Waimate
One of the main reasons why I buy Krone equipment is because of the tremendous support I get from Paul Willins Tractors and Tulloch, including from John Tulloch, who shows a keen interest in supporting customers personally. I am absolutely rapt with this new rake. 
Marty and Simon-592-398
Kevin & Cynthia Mills, Kaitaia
"It is very important that we have good gear and good service. We have that with Krone and Kaitaia Tractors." 
Kevin & Cynthia Mills, dairy farmers managing two farms milking a total of 600 cows are also hay & silage baling contractors. Based near Kaitaia, they operate a Krone Big Pack 80-80 medium square baler, a Krone CombiPack 1500V, a VarioPack 1500MC round baler and a Krone Swadro 761 swather. 
Cynthia resized-247-28
James McDonald, Geraldine
“The Krone makes a good solid bale that is easy to feed out and with net edge to edge, it looks a nice tidy bale. For these reasons we will probably only ever use a Krone Round Baler. We eventually traded the 10-16 on a new VP1800. The VP1800 was then traded on a VP1800MC on tandem wheels and this season it was traded for another new VP1800MC.”
All Krone gear is built really well. It is robust and it lasts.



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